Lapel Pin Styles

Cloisonne Lapel Pins / Hard Enamel lapel Pins

If You look for perfection You will like this product. Cloisonné pins have a jewelry-like appearance with a high perceived value. They are an excellent choice for any design that has clearly separated colors. Whether launching a product, reinforcing your brand image or awarding employees, cloisonné lapel pins make an impressive statement and a great look. We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; velvet bags, customized, printed cards; or plastic presentation cases to further enhance the value of your pins at Your audience.

Ordering Cloisonne Pins at PinSource Is Easy and Fast&lt

With the help of our qualified design and customer service people, you’ll find ordering is quick and easy. You know exactly what you need? Great! We’re ready to listen. If not – we are experienced to  help that You can make a decision. Maybe visit our pin gallery to view the pins we’ve created in the past. Pick and choose the styles and colors you like and we’ll use them to design an individual cloisonné pin just for you. As allways at PinSource You will receive a full-color proof of Your Pindesignvia email within just 24-hours. Make any changes you want. Once you give approval, we will process Your order and shipp it in the promised time… at PinSource satisfaction is guaranteed!

How do You manufacture Cloisonne Lapel Pins?

Cloisonné pins have a long and royal history and a legacy of beauty. We have to date back to the 13th century: The cloisonné process was first used in ancient China to create vases and other art for the Emperor. During the famous Ming Dynasty, bronze casting was taken to a new level and along the cloisonné process, which is still used to create cloisonné lapel pins today, was perfected.

Hard enamel pins start with the same basic steps as die struck lapel pins or soft enamel lapel pins. A metal sheet (in a color of your choice) is stamped in order to create a raised outline of the design. The recessed areas are then filled with powdery glass-like color resins. Each color is filled separately and fired in an oven at 1700 degrees. The process and the use of glass resins give each cloisonné pin a hard, glossy finish that simulates jewel tones. In the last decades the process is changed a bit, so most of the enamel is nowadays syntthetic hard enamel. The great look is still the same, but the cost is lower due to more efficient and less energy taking production. Since this is a premium product, PinSource uses for their high quality Cloisone Pins only premium material such as brass or silver. So we are able to produce even very very fine details can be manufactured with a lot of professional knowledge. We even are able to produce nemael bracelets and rings, a very rare ability that proofs our skills.

Die Struck lapel Pins

Undoubtedly one of the the most popular pins for service, honary awardness and years of service honorings, die struck lapel pins offer a classic appearance. We help You to find the right platting and are happy to discuss with You, whether an antic look or sandblasted area will improve the look and effect of Your design. Without the use of color, metal on metal gives a traditional look whether your die struck pins are polished or antiqued. Available in gold, silver, copper, nickel (even black nikel is an option at PinSource) and combinations of the four. Die struck lapel pins are perfect for clear-cut designs or logos. It is often used by fraternities, sororities, country clubs and government agencies.

How Can I Design My Die Sruck Pins?

We are happy to assist You, to make Your logo, CI or wording look like You want it. We have a bunch of very professional artworkers, serving in the industry since Years and are able to give You a very good picture of what You will get. Some companies and agencies have predetermined designs or logos they like to use. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You may start by visiting our pin gallery. This will help spark some ideas about designs for your own pins. Let us know which of the die struck pins you like and dislike then we’ll create a custom pin just for you.Or You just call us and we will talk You through it 😉 .  You’ll receive a full-color proof via email within just 24-hours. Make any changes you want. When your approval is given, your order is processed and shipped in… satisfaction is guaranteed!

How do You produce a Die Struck Lapel Pin?

It starts with a simple sheet of metal. A custom die (mold) is created for your design then stamped onto the metal. This leaves an impression on the sheet. To bring out the details of your die struck lapel pins, the recessed areas are sandblasted to give contrast.The plating will be arranged in the color of your choice.  Then, if you desire, the pins are polished to a high luster. We can pack them onto a card, if You like. Or just secure them safe on the trip in a polybag – one by one…

Printed lapel Pins

Printed or photographic lapel pins (commonly referred to as offset printed or laser, digital printed lapel pins) offer the most flexibility in design and style. Here You can print almost everything You may want – the most detailed drop shadows, gradients and text can be brought out with brilliant color and clarity. What cannot be accomplished with die cast lapel pins can be beautifully created with this process using laser precision. With silk screen, You can have very dtailed objects printed with full brightness of the color and if You like, the underlying material can sneak here and there through it giving the pin a splendid and very valuable look.


Does PinSource Offers Design Help for Printed Lapel Pins?

Of course we do! You’ll have full access to our creative staff of experienced designers who specialize in making designs that are well suited for offset printed lapel pins. Simply tell us what you are looking for or visit our pin gallery for some ideas. If you have a corporate logo, a picture or or other design in mind already, simply send us the details via email and we’ll immediately begin to work.

Within only 24-hours, you’ll receive a full-color proof via email. Close, but not everything like You expected? You’re free to make an unlimited number of changes. Once you’re satisfied, your order will be processed and shipped to you within just a few days, if needed we can deliver these pins in a week … and satisfaction is at PinSource guaranteed!

How Are Offset Printed Lapel Pins Created?

It starts with the shape of your pins: It is first cut from a metal sheet with the surface of the metal being left smooth. If needed a base color is then spread over the pins or the parts that are going to be printed, providing something for the printed design to adhere to. Next your design is printed onto the pin. To give the Pins a shiny, clear and lasting finish an epoxy coating is applied to protect the pins from scratches. The process is the same for screen printed pins with one exception. every color will be painted one by one, The finished products are truly remarkable with quality results.


Die Struck/ Soft Enamel

Soft enamel pins are one of the most popular Pins in europe and have gained in popularity because of their exceptional appearance and affordability. They are similar to our premium cloisonné lapel pins, but soft enamel pins have a high perceived value and the look of fine jewelry. There relief structure gives them a valueable look. Because of these features, soft enamel pins are not only the #1 choice for sports pins including baseball trading pins – they are especially in north europe the most common choice when it gets to die struck pins.

How are Soft Enamel Pins made?

Soft enamel lapel pins start with the same process as die struck pins. A flat, metal sheet in your choice of brass, copper or iron, surface is polished or antique gold, silver or one of our dozend spezial plattings, is stamped with a die (mold), which imprints your design onto the surface of the pin. Colors are then placed (one at a time) into the recessed areas using special enamel paint. Some customer like a clear epoxy coating on top, this can be added to your soft enamel pins at a very low charge to make it look special and give the colors a higher degree of protection (colors normally need no extra protection since we use very stable once – so it is more the looks that matters here).

What Are the Best Designs /Logos for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

Because soft enamel pins are die cut, they are best used with designs that have defined and clearly separated colors (no fading colors, no shadows). For intricate designs involving gradients or fine details, printed, photographic lapel pins or silk screen lapel pins would work best, just ask us if You are unsure and we will show You the option and discuss all the details.

Express: Order Soft Enamel Pins Now for Delivery In Just 10 days (Standard time is fast 23 days)

You don’t have to be a pin expert to order from . We’ll be glad to walk you through every step of the process so you can quickly order the exactly pins you want. And we start with low Quantities, too. If you’re replicating a logo or other pre-defined design, just email it to us (Fax is also OK). If you need assistance for a design, visit our pin gallery to view many of the soft enamel pins we’ve created in the past. From the designs you see there, you can get some wonderful ideas for your own pins and we will be able to design Your logo into a pin that suits You best. You’ll receive a full-color proof via email within just 24-hours. Make any changes you want. When your approval is given, your order is processed and shipped in just 3 weeks days… and satisfaction is guaranteed!

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