At a glance

PinSource: Your Premium Pin Manufacturer.

PinSource: We have lean and efficient structures and processes and a vast experience in the manufacturing of pins – thanks to being in business for almost 30 years. With us you’ll receive pins and badges with a very short turnaround (starting at only 8 days) and with a high level of service. We offer the complete range of pins, from printed (offset, silk screen printed) to embossed (choose from hard-emaille or soft-emaille) aswell as casted ones.

We produce our pins and other memorabilias with care, You will notice the difference!

We aren’t making any compromises when it comes to quality: If you’re looking for the best quality, you’ll get it from us as a pin manufacturer. We provide products that lets your marketing succeed! We work with large multinationals and exclusive clubs. Platings and materials can be found in all variations. Even real silver and gold can be used to make the finest badges of honor and special awards in our renown jeweler quality. Or pins made of hard-emaille with the finest brass: They are known for their high quality workmanship that is rich in details and just like you’re used to from jewelers in the past. Our printed pins are manufactured at the highest quality levels as well, with colors being most natural besides a bigger priority of the cost / benefit aspect and universal useability in mind. The fact that we’re able to produce these pins more quickly than the competition doesn’t mean that we aren’t paying attention to manufacturing a polished product.

„From the sketch to the finished product: Great service at all stages of the project!“

We make you a fair offer: We will deliver your pins at a fair price. You can always be sure to buy in line with the market. It’d also be a great pleasure to us, if we could convince you to make us your partner of choice, through our commitment to service and performance. Just contact us with your inquiry and we’ll get back to you with an offer. Maybe we can even develop your idea a bit further together.


Our commitment to service:

  • – From an order of 250 pieces an advisor from PinSource will be at your disposal.
  • – We will create a product design in advance free of charge. Your idea is enough for a first conversation.
  • – If You order 5000 pieces or above (Buttons: Order bigger than 10K) you’ll get a free sample in advance. A clear and fair transaction is  important to us.  At these Quantities we are happy to tell You that the tooling is free of charge if you decide to place an order.
  • – We offer a satisfaction guarantee – a good end result is in more important to us, it is the base for a long term partnership.

For smaller orders we have created a special product. is a low cost alternative for orders up to 500 pieces. This product is the right option for smaller clubs or family associations that need high quality awards and know what they want, with the service they need. This product is also popular with agencies, graphic designers and resellers – just ask for our pricing chart.

We’re committed to the support of good causes and are always happy to assist. If you have a good idea, don’t hesitate to contact us. These are a few of our references in the social and pedagogic sector. We’d also be happy if you’d decide to support them yourself.

We’re looking forward to your inquiries and we’re sure that we’ll find the right solution together with you!

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