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It’s just typical : The date of product presentation at the trade show has been known for months, but only recently You are told you that You have to get the still missing support of important memorabilia or have to order it right away. So, now everything has to be rushed, find a suplier that is able to produce to Your needs quick and reliable with no Quality lacks whatsoever.  Even send it via express there must be a fast key chain manufacturer involved. Maybe Your known supplier says that is not possible in this short of period, but You don’t give up to find a solution and so You look sythematic what is possible.

So, here is Your task :

Find a supplier that is capable to produce 500 Key Chain , 50mm , complete individually either printed or embossed with your company logo and your own form.
Also may ask for a trolley coin option or some other gimicks attached to the key chain, to make it more usefull to the customer.
Timeline: You will need the product in only 14 days or faster, preferably in 7 days. Is that feasible ?

You go to google or ask Your mate and You turn to the PinSource website, ring them up and here is the answer:

PinSource says:  Yes, we can supply key chain very quickly usually within just 7 calendar days , ask us best right after the best possible delivery date. You need further options like a trolley coin? No problem, If You are clear on what You want and what needs to be printed, we can produce it right away, (some say just in time 😉 ) and are happy to serve Your needs in an outstanding way!

We can provide you both as embossed version as well as an offset printed / printed version keychain liked punched in your outline , in a very short time , quickly and reliably offer . Speed ​​we are used even in large numbers , we have the best service provider may Express for shipping and our production, it is used to dealing with very short-term projects and sure to deliver . Ask us best right at you ! And it only costs involved are moderate Express ups , all with our Satisfaction Guarantee – you know a faster way to complete individual pins keychains come?

So call us now via german landline (+49 40 328 44 525) or UK Landline (+44 (0)20 333 20304), an english, german or spanish speaking Consultant will answer all Your questions and will return an production artwork asap so You have a good idea how Your key chain will look like.

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express key chains
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