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Why can PinSource give You a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee?

Quite simply, it is because we have invested in all areas, ensuring that you do not have to pick it up. It’s worth more to you if we meet and overwelme Your expectations, so we are aiming to do just that, and here is how:

Our Investment in a factory100% Money Back Guarantee
For about a decade ago, we invested in a factory so that we can check all the details of the manufacturing of our customers’ products. This was an expensive decision, but after more tha 14 years in this industry, we understand that there is no alternative to control over the quality. We leave behind competitors that are no more than middlemen, who buy and sell the products from different factories and use your money as their own quality investment.

Our Investment in technology
We increased our investment by giving our factory is a modern production line. Tidshedrat craft in terms of coloring, plating, stamping and even shipping is now reproducible and consistent with each step of the production of an order. The quality is measured and checked at each manufacturing step and where adjustments are needed we make them in just the right place. No guess work is involved here.

Investing in employees
Quality can be explained and we train our sales staff to be able to do just that in their daily customer communications. With doing so we are able to translate the information to a higher consumer-confidence, and our sales department is ready to explain the features and benefits of our business. Although our designers have graduated from art schools, we sent them back to school to learn how to make properly artworks that can go right into the manufacturing process. After they have done their job, you have an artwork to wear and share in your hand.

Explaining the difference
At PinSource we want see the the success of our customers – so our money back guarantee is our policy to back up the investments you have made – your time and money. We are not proud of the policy, we are proud of what we have done to guarantee it. Because there are so many companies on the internet that says “Direct from the factory” and “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, we feel you should know that we have put our money on our promise. And now we can give you full support in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish at +49(0)40 328 44 525
Please call or email us today, you will see the difference between PinSource and our competitors today.

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