Button Badges: Get High volumes with premium Quality – all Shapes @ very low Cost!

No matter if You look for square, round or heart-shaped Button-Badges:

We offer premium quality starting as low as 1,000 pieces of premium button-badges –
and best of all: We include our warranty and full service package of PinSource with no extra fee!

Of course you can combine different attachements: magnet, needle, zipper pull, You name it, we will get You an offer prombtly.  All prices are for commercial use and sales tax/ vat will be applied on top of it (currently 19% in Germany, we can sell it without vat in the European Union if You have a valid European VAT Number, please ask us for all information).

Here is our offer for summer SALE 2013 (valid only from July to August, 2013, for commercial buyers):

You get 20% free ‘on top’ with the following buttons: You pay 100% to get 120% with no extra cost! Do not forget to check for our other sizes and special shapes, prices are extremely reasonable!

Price examples for our classic round tin- button badges (only valid during the promotion period):

25mm 1.000 € 0.228 net-price / piece => 200 button badges ‘on top’ (mathematically sale-price per button-badge: 0,19 / button)
25mm 2.000 € 0.198 net-price / piece => 600 button badges ‘on top’ (mathematically sale-price per button-badge: 0.165 / button)
25mm 5.000 € 0.178 net-price / piece => 1,000 button badges ‘on top’ (mathematically sale-price per button-badge: 0.1483 / button)
25mm 10.000 € 0.138 net-price / piece => 2,000 button badges ‘on top’ (mathematically sale-price per button-badge: 0.115) / button)
25mm 25.000 € 0.108 net-price / piece => 5,000 button badges ‘on top’ (mathematically sale-price per button-badge: 0,090 / button)

For more details about the options, please call us at (+49 (0)40 328 44 525 ), we like to discuss the details with you in person, or send us an email, thank you! Seen a better price?Please check with us – we are very excited about it!

We can offer you the following button types:

Classic round in 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 59mm, 76mm, 100mm

Modern Square: in 25mm, 32mm and larger

We have button-Badges in all forms. Our diversity – your freedom of choice! Cheap and high quality at PinSource. EU.

Special forms (Why pay more? We start with our low rates at low MOQ of 500 pieces, sizes will start at 25 mm and bigger)
-Rectangular Shaped
-Oval Shaped
-Heart Shaped
-Star Shaped
-Triangle Shaped
-Flower Shaped

We have them all … check out now!

For a personal best Quote please contact us here: +49 (0) 40-328 44 525 or write an Email at anfrage@pinsource.eu

You will get the attachement that will serve Your needs best: Button-badges with pins or with a magnet for the whiteboard, blackboard, or as memo magnet for the fridge – or magnets for clothing, for example, as a name tag. You can order our Button Badges with  a beer opener on the back side, with a clip, for zipper pulls, with a  key ring, ….

Just ask us today without obligation, we will gladly discuss with you all options:  Quote
Bulk buyers and Button campaigns Owners: If you order 10,000 pieces of buttons and more, we offer you an exclusive free samples prior to, by express directly to your hands.


button-carta-der-vielfaltAt PinSource you get the button-badges even in large quantities quickly delivered, at high quality and at a very low price. Our prices include all costs, even standard shipping for all order exceeding € 250 (otherwise only € 8.95 / Shippment / Express costs will vary ).

And You will get our PinSource-Garantee: 100% satisfaction – guaranteed.

Ask us today for our lowest rates:  contact or by phone +49 (0) 40 328 44 525




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