Bulk Buyers and wholesalers save big

Customers, that need larger Quantities save big @ PinSource! Bulk buyers enjoy special terms, both in pricing and service. No matter if you’re you’re active in the merchandising sector, an agency or in the sales department of a company:

We offer high quality products and a great service at very fair terms – just compare us with the competition!

We have an excellent and efficient production and process flow. We’re in business for almost 30 years already. We know what matters: Quality, compliance with deadlines, good customer service and a reasonable price. How do we accomplish this?

Due to our production volume we enjoy great terms in all areas that affect our pricing in several areas, which range from cargo rates, to accessories, to the purchase of (raw) materials. We also don’t work with too many intermediaries, which enables us to offer high quality at low costs and  production times that our competition often can’t meet.Joker-gusspin

We have a clear strategy: Business customers and large-scale customers get a different customer care than small scale customers, in order to meet the different needs and requirements in products and customer service. For orders starting as low as 1.000 pieces and more (Buttons 2.500pcs), we’re able to offer special terms. Additional rebates are given on specific yearly turnovers. Just talk to us and we will set up a framework agreement where you have nothing to loose.

For first time buyers: If you’re ordering pins for the first time, we have a special offer for you: You’ll get an additional 20% for free if you’re ordering 1.000 pins or 2.500 buttons. We’re also giving you a joker card, which you can use to make special requests. Just call us at +494032844525 (english, german, spanish speaking service line) and we’re happy to explain the details to you! Or just contact us here:


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